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6 Tips for Stunning Natural Light Portrait Photography

You’ve come to the correct site if you’re seeking gorgeous natural light portrait photography. I’m a big lover of natural light portraiture, and in this post, I’ll give you my top six strategies for getting beautiful images, including:


The natural light produces soft, evenly lighted photographs at their best

Are you ready to master portrait lighting? Then let’s get started with my first suggestion:

1) Natural Light

For portrait photography, natural light is ideal but if you want stunning results, you’ll need to know which sorts of natural light to employ and which to avoid.

Because certain forms of light generate soft, softly lit portraits, while others produce harsh shadows, disagreeable highlights, and an overall negative impact.

2) Light Direction

Good-quality light is a good place to start, but it’s just that: a place to start. You must pay attention not only to the quality of the light but also to the direction of the light if you want to make a stunning natural-lit picture.

3) Background

There’s more to natural light portrait photography than the topic. It’s also about the background, and if you can use the perfect one, your photographs will instantly improve.

On the other side, if you choose the wrong background or don’t pay attention to it when shooting, your images are likely to be bland, dull, or just plain poor.

So, once you’ve found a good light source, make sure to check behind your subject.

High-contrast backgrounds with a combination of sun and shadow are something I try to avoid since, in my experience, they may become distracting in the finished shot. I’d also advise staying away from backdrops that have a lot of complicated shapes or bright, distracting colors.

4) Catchlight

Small patches of light develop in the subject’s eye and are referred to as catchlights.

Catchlights bring the image to life, improve eye detail, and provide depth to the image. An image without a catchlight, in my opinion, is scarcely an image at all.

So, how do you keep your pictures lit using a catchlight?

To begin, make sure that strong light, such as the sun, a piece of sky, or a reflector, is placed roughly in front of the subject.

Second, look for that catchlight glint in your subject’s eyes before taking a shot. If you don’t see one, have them turn or tilt their head until you do.

Yes, it’s straightforward, yet it makes a significant impact. Your images will appear so much better if you can get the catchlight just perfect.

5) Simple Posing

If you’re new to portrait photography, you might be inclined to offer your clients a variety of creative posing options. But, in my opinion, keeping things simple is always preferable. simple posing is the best option.


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6) Take care of Expression

In a natural light portrait, the most significant aspect is expression. In fact, on any given day of the week, a poorly lit and positioned photo with a lovely expression will trump a technically excellent portrait with an average expression.

6 Tips for Stunning Natural Light Portrait Photography
6 Tips for Stunning Natural Light Portrait Photography

Your photographs will be stunning if you can capture photos with wonderful lighting, a nice position, and a fantastic emotion that pop out your subject and people love what you are capturing.

Additionally, keep in mind your mood matches the expression you want to achieve. You won’t obtain a soulful gaze if you bounce around with the camera; it won’t seem natural to the subject! Instead, imitate the expression you’re after.

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