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The Online Courses Category will offer photography-related free & paid Courses that are best for you to improve your photographic skills.

The Best Wildlife Photography Schools to Develop Your Skills

Photographers may capture the beauty, behaviour, and diversity of our planet’s unique fauna via the engaging art of wildlife photography. It’s a profession that calls for persistence, aptitude, and knowledge of both photographic principles and the natural world. A successful career in wildlife photography frequently needs the right training and mentoring. In this post, we’ll […]

Looking at Free Scholarship Options for Photographers

A mesmerizing art form, photography enables people to capture the beauty of their surroundings and express their creativity. However, the expense of equipment, workshops, and instruction may make pursuing a career in photography costly. Thankfully, grants and scholarships are available to assist budding photographers in overcoming financial obstacles and seeking their love. This article will […]

Universities that provide Basic Photography Master’s degrees

If you want to master the fundamentals of photography and get the abilities you need to work as a professional photographer, enrolling in a Master of Basic Photography program is a great decision. Several organizations across the world provide these programs, both in-person and online. New York Film Academy The New York Film Academy is […]

The Advantages Of An Online Filmmaking Degree

Are you a budding filmmaker hoping to gain recognition? You might want to think about pursuing an online degree in filmmaking. An online degree in filmmaking can provide you with the knowledge and perspective you need to succeed in this cutthroat industry. In little time at all, you might be hired to work on the […]

Study Wildlife Film-making at UWE Bristol

Bristol is the centre of the world’s natural history programming and the ideal location to pursue an MA in Wildlife Filmmaking. You will study how to create and propose concepts, tell compelling tales, and produce clever and unexpected programmes on this hugely well-liked Masters’s programme. Graduates of the MA programme are prepared for entry-level positions […]

Photoshop Course for Photographers

You will learn all you need to know about this sophisticated application to improve your photography with ease in this course. Once you’ve mastered the procedures required to produce great photography, we’ll push your understanding even further with advanced editing methods like object removal, multiple exposure blending, and composite creation – the possibilities are unlimited! […]

Top 10 photography schools

You may stay current on the newest advances in the field, including new technology and methods, by enrolling in graduate photography programmes. The top fine arts universities for a master’s degree in photography are listed below. 1. School of the Art Institute of Chicago¬† Location: Chicago, United State The national arts journalism programme at Columbia […]

Beginners Photography Course

This beginner’s photography course will quickly move you to a higher level and fill in any information gaps that could be keeping you from realizing your full potential. You’ll be able to use all of your camera’s manual modes and put the skills you learn to work in any setting. With the help of this […]

Online Photography course: Seeing Through Photographs

Online Photography course: Seeing Through Photographs In this course, you will be able to closely observe the collection of The Museum of Modern Art, going behind the scenes of the Museum. Throughout the course of this 180-year history, photography has been used for a wide range of purposes, including artistic expression, scientific research, exploration, documentation, […]

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