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You may stay current on the newest advances in the field, including new technology and methods, by enrolling in graduate photography programmes. The top fine arts universities for a master’s degree in photography are listed below.


1. School of the Art Institute of Chicago 

Location: Chicago, United State

The national arts journalism programme at Columbia University selected the following photography school as the “most influential art school” in the United States.
As seen by recent CNN coverage of SAIC photography instructors, the photography programme at SAIC is no less significant.

Two recent SIAC community winners of the coveted Creator Labs Photo Fund awards, a prize established by Aperture and Google, are also mentioned.

2. Ryerson University

Location: Toronto, ON

Most people agree that Ryerson University is the most esteemed post-secondary photography school in Canada.

Students who study photography at the Ryerson School of Image Arts receive instruction from accomplished photographers who emphasise hands-on learning.

In addition to Ryerson’s longstanding reputation for offering top-notch instruction in conventional photographic techniques, the university is also home to a famous “integrated digital” programme, which all photography students can opt to participate in during their third year.

3. Spéos International Photography School

Location: Paris, France

The Spéos International Photography School, one of the top 5 photography schools in the world according to more than 15 organisations, has 18 studios in Paris and 3 in London.

It gives students the option to pursue degrees lasting one year, two years, three years, or five months in a number of photography specialisations.

4. Ringling College of Art & Design

Location: Sarasota, Florida

The Department of Photography and Imaging is a division of the Ringling College of Art and Design, an esteemed art institution that consistently ranks in the top 20, and frequently among the top five, for the calibre of its opportunities in a range of artistic disciplines.

5. California Institute of the Arts

Location: Valencia, California

The tradition of interdisciplinary collaboration at CalArts dates back to when Walt Disney, a former employee, decided to enlist the help of the entire CalArts community, including animators, dancers, composers, and artists, to work on what would one day become the movie Fantasia.

6 Paris College of Art

Location: Paris, France

Paris College of Art offers a BFA in photography at the undergraduate level, but once a student enrols in an MFA, they have the choice of an MFA in fashion film & photography or photography and image-making, creating a department with a strong focus on photography.

7. California College of the Arts

Location:  San Francisco, California

The photography programme at CCA gives students the opportunity to learn from some of the most accomplished photographers in the world.

Tammy Rae Carland, Aspen Mays, the photo editor for the New York Times, and Christopher Johnson, whose photographic collections are on display at the Smithsonian National Museum of African American History and Culture, are some of these people.

8. The New School Parsons School of Design

Location: New York, United States

Few institutions have the same level of fame as Parson’s School of Design.

Photography students at Parsons will have the opportunity to learn from esteemed instructors including Katherine Wolkoff, a client of Samsung, Johnson & Johnson, and Kate Spade, and Arthur Ou, a contributor to the New York Times and Aperture.

Richard Avedon, a well-known photographer, graduated from Parsons.

9 Royal College of Art

Location: London, UK

A number of DPhil programmes related to photography are available through the Royal College of Art, including a pre-master in art and design and an MA in photography.

10. Rhode Island School of Design

Location: Providence, RI

Anytime one searches for news items on RISD photographers, they may easily discover their names in publications like The New York Times, Vogue Magazine, the list of Fulbright winners, other art prizes, and more.

Students who acquire degrees, either BFA or MFA, from RISD will leave the school with a profound grasp of the history, present culture, and art of photography because renowned photographers Diane Arbus and Aaron Siskind were past teachers as well as Deana Lawson and Todd Hido were alumni.

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