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The Beginner Tips for Photography


Photography is a fascinating process of measuring lights. The digital camera is the one of the complicated device. When I brought my first DSLR camera, I don’t know how use it to get impactful photographs. At the beginning I start to spend my time with camera, capturing meaningless photos all day. Every day I do mistakes and after some time I learn from my mistakes and when I managed to work it all out, I started taking some spectacular photographs.

As beginner photographers, I firstly intend to learn about my camera and how know it works.

Tips for beginner:

Understanding exposure triangle

Photographing is all about capturing light in different manners. The true magic of photography happens when true source of magic light hit camera sensor in well exposed manner. The magic light is controlled by three element which is called as exposure triangle. They together work with each other to create well expose image for final looks. These three elements are

Shutter speed

shutter speed is amount of time for which your camera sensors remains open for light. Shutter speed is measured in seconds(1/200, 1/500). Faster shutter speed (1/500) allows you to freeze motion while the slow shutter speed (1 or 5sec) create motion blur.


The opening of the lens is your aperture, for how much time your lens blade remains open is your aperture, measured in f-stop (f/3, f/5,f/11) etc. the smaller the number the wider the aperture let more light in and vice versa.


ISO indicate how sensitive your camera sensor to light. ISO is measured is unit (100,200 etc).

There is trade off among these three setting in order to increase one the other automatically goes down.

 Always shoot in RAW

Photographers who care about quality and who about controlling their image they will shoot in RAW.

In RAW format, you don’t worry about compression, loss of quality white balance etc. RAW format is really exciting and interesting way to improve the quality of your image.

Modern SLR offer 8bits, 10 bits, 12 bits, sometimes even 16 bit worth of information .

The JPEG at 8bits gives us 256 levels of tone while RAW file can be upwards of 65,000 levels of tones.

Properly holding camera

The properly holding camera means that holding the camera in proper way to avoid camera shaking. Using high shutter speed and holding your camera properly to avoid blurring photos.

Change your perspective/ angle

Shooting your subject  from straight eye level is not a remarkable photo as everyone can do it from this view point. Its looks ordinary, flat and boring.

Try to interact with your subject from different angles and distance to distinguish your photos from straight eye level

 Photographs as you like

To make photography more interesting start photographing what you more like to be photographed. Everyone is passionate by sometime to be captured and bring the attention of the world. This will enhance your learning and over any obstacles you may have in the beginning.

Figure out your composition

Composition is all about the balancing of various element within the frame. Its includes colors, tones and texture.  This is because of the composition  where snapshot on phone is differentiate from great shots. In order to create good composition you need to plan it out where you place element within frame before you take a shot. Sometimes the photographers seeing the shots in the heads before he actually going to shot.

When we talk about composition the first thing that comes in mind is the rules of third

The basic idea of rules of third  is that it divides your camera’s frame into thirds along the lines to make the composition work better. One third from the top, one third from the button and one third from both sides.  The rules of third is an awesome rules that help you create impactful composition and develop your perception about how to photographs creativity.

 Utilize the light properly

It is pretty much an accepted fact that the earlier and later parts of the day are the best timing for photography. If you the absolutely richest, warmest, and most beautiful light, the hours directly following sunrise and leading up to sunset. This is when the suitable golden light form the low hanging sun bathes the world in a warm glow and shadow become long and dramatic.

Use right equipment

To maximize the success of your photographic career , there is a few bits of a gear that will come in handy

  • A good lens
  • A tripod
  • A shutter release button
  • Get a good exposure
  • Find the best time and place for shooting
  • Creating an interesting composition

Sharing and showing your work

The great thing we can do is to share our work in different photographic community to see how other photographer react on your work. As a beginner they help you to overcome an problems you may have.

Try Something New

The more you spend time with photographing , the more interesting it becomes. It’s easy to fall into a routine and take similar photos over and over, and there’s nothing wrong with that, but it’s also important to try something new from time to time.

Give macro photography a shot, or test some new lighting techniques. Branch out to a different post-processing style. Be spontaneous and drive to a location you’ve never photographed before. There are so many ways to try something new in photography, and you won’t regret it if you do.

Usually, you’ll discover something – either a new technique or a personal preference – that you can bring back to your regular photography for good results.


The photographing is one of the great medium that translate different ways of seeing and allows us to see the sorts of world that we experience in new and exciting ways. It translating something different and framing the everyday to give it that new meaning and that is what Inspire us to become photographers.


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