The Beginner

Understanding the Composition

Understanding the Composition Composition is all about the balancing of various element within the frame. Its includes colors, tones and texture.  This is because of the composition  where snapshot on phone is differentiate from great shots. In order to create good composition you need to plan it out where you place element within frame before […]

A Complete Guide to Exposure Triangle

A Complete Guide to Exposure Triangle                          The Exposure Triangle Aperture, shutter speed, and ISO make up the three sides of the exposure triangle. They work together to produce a photo that is properly exposed. If one variable changes, at least one of the others must also change to maintain the correct exposure. These […]

How to See Photographically

How to See Photographically To start your career in photography, the main challenge Is to develop your skill to learn and to see the creativity of a scene. When I start photographing I have the same problem, I can’t make the creative possibilities of a scenes. I always take flat and boring pictures. Sometimes I […]

Understanding the Sunny 16 rules

Understanding the Sunny 16 rules The sunny 16 rules is one of the most sophisticated rules among photographers that helps you correctly expose your image in daylight without a light meter, this rules give a complete Independence from using your camera ‘s light meter. the Sunny 16 Rule is based on incident light instead of […]

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