A Complete guide to Portrait Photography

In portrait our main subject of interest is people and that is why defines its as photography people is called portrait photography either head shot or dozen of family members in single shoot. Some useful tips for portrait photography:      Posing & composition Portraits are all about the person or people you are photographing. Composition, […]

A Complete guide for Butterfly Photography

The Outstanding Painted Lady Butterfly Photography Butterfly is one of the most beautiful and wonderful creature in the world. The natural colors, patterns and shapes of Butterfly are so delicate and attractive that we never hesitate to photographing it. They are sharp fast and flit from one place to another place in search of nectar. […]

Essential Macro Photography Tips

Macro photography is the closeup photographs of small creature like butterflies & insect. Macro photography is one of the best medium to engaged your subject. In today world as the macro photographs growing enormously online of different small creature(butterflies & insect). Macro photography is one of the hard things to achieve. This is because of […]

The Art of Photography

Photography as visual language The art of photography had a dynamic medium and different shapes that lets us engage with world. Photography is one of the most exciting medium to explore the world. There is four basic way of how our image is Photographing is like exploring number of different location through your camera ans […]

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