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Macro photography is the closeup photographs of small creature like butterflies & insect. Macro photography is one of the best medium to engaged your subject. In today world as the macro photographs growing enormously online of different small creature(butterflies & insect). Macro photography is one of the hard things to achieve. This is because of the subject (butterflies & insect) which is hard to find as a beginner and the second thing is to correct exposure and trying best composition for it to take stunning photographs.


Macro photography is all about making small items look larger with the help of macro lenses . Anything from insects, flowers, and plants can become the focus of your photos.

If you have a DSLR (digital single-lens reflex) camera, your macro photography options increase exponentially.

You can use the lenses you already have, you can add equipment that expands the capability of your existing lenses, or you can buy dedicated macro photography lenses that are made specifically for macro photography.

All of them work and they can all produce excellent images, so the choice depends on your budget, your level of experience, and the quality of images that you need to produce.

I myself used Nikon SLR camera with two different lenses one is telephoto lens and the other is macro photography lens. And they both works great for macro photography.

Another way to adapt your DSLR camera for macro photography is with extension tubes, some extension tubes comes with macro in functions that works great for macro photography. The extension tubes are hollow cylindrical spacers that are attached between the lens and the camera mount to increase the extension of your lens.  Extension tubes are frequently sold in sets of three tubes of varying sizes, and each tube can be used alone or attached to one or more additional tubes for greater length.

Tips for macro photography



Macro photography composition is mostly determine by the lighting, with good lighting your macro photography will pop out of the frame and will be sharp, vibrant and visually stunning. If you get the lighting wrong your macro photography will just flat and boring. The nature(sun) provides more than enough light for macro photography.

The position of the light completely change your composition. Understanding how the direction of light alters the appearance of your subject is significant- this is much easier to do with continuous light.

Lights hit macro photography in two ways

  • When the sun is behind your camera and their lights directly fall on the subject. The sun lights, lighting the whole subject. It makes your subject sharp, colorful and there is enough light to accurately measure the desire scene.

Floating Painted lady by Abdul

  • When the sun is behind your subject. The sun behind your subject makes your subject gives dramatic photographs of the butterfly. The lights fall on the scene makes the background fantastic and makes the subject little dark. The sun lighting behind your subject creates deeper colors of your subject. As show in the picture

A Perfect Portrait of Painted lady by Abdul

             Depth of field

Depth of field is actually the portion in the scene that appears acceptably sharper in the image. The depth of field play a roles in macro photography because in this mode of photography we want our subject to be sharp focus while keeping the background blur.

In macro photography, the aperture setting play the most important role because it creates depth of field. This is where the  real story of the macro photography begins. It is with the aperture that you controls what is in focus and what is out of focus.

In macro photography, you always need to create depth of field to put viewers attention to subject by blurring the background.


Everything that comes behind your subject is your background. Choose your background carefully it defines your subject a lot  Background makes a lots scenes in macro photography, try to create unique and different background by moving your subject or your camera position. Always choose different colors background from subject to make your subject visually stunning. Try not to mix subject and background colors otherwise it will be boring and dull.

When you go out for macro photography there is hundreds of natural background for your subject by just moving your subject to these places.


Always try to shoot from different angles to create an impactful macro photograph. Keeping in mind that small changes in macro photography have significant effects on your photographs.. If you shoot from good angles by composing your composition correctly your macro photography will great. Angles allow you to focusing on a pattern within your subject by full filling the frame.

          Choose your subject

In macro photography choose your subject can be really easy or really hard to find. For example it can be easy you can create macro photograph even in backyard. It can be hard if you go out to nature and search for than like butterflies as they flirt all day.

Some of the Common subjects include small insects, butterflies, rain drops, and small objects and household items. Inanimate objects are fairly easy to photograph as they don’t move, but insects and bugs can be a lot more challenging. One key tip for photographing them is to shoot from a safe distance to avoid scaring them off.

Macro photography is a fascinating genre that can turn into a lifetime obsession. Excellent subjects are everywhere, there’s no end to the creative possibilities, and anyone who owns a digital camera already has the equipment needed to get started.

The universe of insects is one of the most popular areas to photograph using macro photography. This mode of photography fascinates us. It allows these very tiny creatures to be photographed and enlarged. They become huge monsters of fantasy novels. This area is also one of the most difficult and time-consuming to photograph.


To me the macro photographers are the fortunate human being because they spends there times with tiny creatures in world. There movements, behaviors and way of life really fascinate me

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