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Photographing your subject is all about capturing the essence of what you see in front of you. Whether it’s a person, a pet, a landscape, or an object, the right techniques and approach can make all the difference in producing an image that truly captures its beauty. HOW TO PHOTOGRAPH YOUR SUBJECT using these guidelines […]

How to Take Stunning Seascape Photos

The photographer is usually interested in the beach or shore since they always provide amazing sights. Landscapes and seascapes are equally popular, and by using the water, ocean, or coastline as your subject, you are sure to get some striking pictures. so if you are Passionate about such beautiful seascapes photographs then this article is […]

How to Pose Perfectly for a Portrait Photography

In the highly specialized field of portraiture or portrait photography, the subject or subjects’ personalities should also be captured in addition to their physical appearance. While the faces of the subjects are often the main focus of portraits, incorporating the body and some backdrop might help to further develop the atmosphere you’re trying to evoke. […]

A Complete guide to Portrait Photography

In portrait our main subject of interest is people and that is why defines its as photography people is called portrait photography either head shot or dozen of family members in single shoot. Some useful tips for portrait photography:      Posing & composition Portraits are all about the person or people you are photographing. Composition, […]

The Art of Photography

Photography as visual language The art of photography had a dynamic medium and different shapes that lets us engage with world. Photography is one of the most exciting medium to explore the world. There is four basic way of how our image is Photographing is like exploring number of different location through your camera ans […]

Photography as a Visual Language

Photography as a Visual Language Photography is a visual language. By learning and applying the visual language of photography, you can become a good, and maybe even a great photographer, regardless of what equipment you are using. Photography is an easiest medium that helps people to communicate effectively, what they find beautiful moment and important […]

6 Important Tips for seriously improving photographic skills

6 Important Tips for seriously improving photographic skills In today modern world, where social media drive most of the world population makes the role of taking pictures more common because everyone wants to take pictures. Taking pictures is not only a click on shutter button but its need skills to correctly photograph a scenario or […]

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